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rulerxrulex's Journal

angel on air
9 October
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hi.. i'm Charis and i stepped into this world on the 9th of October.. i like sailing and love playing sports.. =) im more of the 'outy' kind of person.. gets kind of restless easily.. and some people say im hyper active.. hmx.. newae.. i love watching teevee.. just love all the channels larx.. haha.. and i like slam dunk and boys be.. they're kinda funny and cute.. haha.. oh yah.. and once fernn recommended me a cardcaptor sakura vcd (its the movie).. while watching it.. i cried.. oh yah and one more thing.. i can get some what emotional at times.. especially when i am watching a super sad movie or reading a book.. with some sad ending.. =) heex..

and one of the days, i really hope to own a personal yatch.. sail out into sea to scuba dive and look at the marine creatures.. =) i love dolphins.. heex.. and i enjoy yakking on the phone.. can yak non-stop for like 2-3 hours.. heex... =)

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