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angel on air

empty street , empty heart

hmm, was in school till bout three. tasneem, amanda lim and me were doing the english script. anoi, hunn and soon ying went for a math remedial. think we did it a lil fast. haha we kinda finished it in 45 mins. it was kinda quite cuz we only had to do one scene.

having a lil headache now, not sure what's the cause of it. end years are like drawing near and i feel very very un prepared. better get started with something soon. today we (sam, nat, joy and me) were playing hang man in class followed by some pyramid style game. haha. just learnt a new game i can play with zam during chinese. haha ;) i think the binomial theorm's kinda fun, i think its better than trigo. heex.

had to do announcements today, it was the first time in my enitire life when i had to do announcements. was praying really hard that it'll rain today, was afraid that i would say the pledge wrongly. haha. ms terry was really nice. she guided me through the whole procedure and she kept asking me to slow down and not talk too fast. haha. hmm, have to go for mep tmrw =S can't not go. hope it'll end early or something.
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