angel on air (rulerxrulex) wrote,
angel on air

whatever it may be

had a math for the pass two days. it was ok i guess. just that i had to sacrifice my sleep. haha.

watched pirates of the caribbean on tuesday. think its quite ok, just a lil gross. (all the eyeballs and stuffs). haha. but generally, i think its a good show. and orlando bloom looks good. hahaa.

had the e math test yesterday, i think it was a lil harder than the one last weel. everyone had different kind of graph. quite weird. haha. yea. and watched turn left turn right on wednesday. went to watch it with sheena after a math. haha. it was really sweet. quite a nice show. but they keep missing each other and sometimes you just wanna kill the director. =P

hmm, i have this pop thingy later. *wails* dun really wanna go. but its compulsary and i dont have much of a choice. oh no. just realised, the holidays are gonna end. and i haven't done much revision. it doesn't even feel like a holiday at all. =S
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