angel on air (rulerxrulex) wrote,
angel on air

pieces fall into place

yesterday, i went to school in the morning for the sailing thingy (welcoming of pri sixers) then after that we went out to orchard. haha. not all of us went though. only me, bun, aub, zhaoey, zam, huilin, zara. we went to the marche, the one at heeren.
there was this magazine shop outside heeren, saw beckham on the cover of lime so i bought it. we got a place and i was flipping through lime. reading the stuffs, there were a few articles on utt. we were saying tt utt is so cute. after a while we went to get stuffs to eat. just then, i saw this guy walking pass us, i thought to myself tt he looked like utt. at first i wanted to say it aloud. but i thought utt was in thailand so didnt dare to say anything. so i decided to ask bun. she thinks its utt. haha so i went back to take a 2nd look. it really was utt. haha. he looks so good. in real life. haha. when he saw us, he waved and smiled. =) haha.

after that went for the sec 4 farewell. quite fun
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