angel on air (rulerxrulex) wrote,
angel on air

im all about you

ok. manage to finish the chem worksheet. i've still got 3 chinese comprehension to go, half more e math questions and a physics project.

heard from jasmine that the physics project is due on the 150703. hmm, so its not that urgent. hmm, feeling rather tired after the rushing of homeworks. haha.

i dun think i'll be going to finish the e math questions. haha. kinda lazy. did the graphs and coordinate geometry etc. i dont even feel like completing the 3 chinese compre. guess i'll do one more today and do two tomorrow. since chinese is on tuesday. heex =). the good thing is that there'll not be training tmrw. *yay* so i can complete the rest of the undone work tmrw.

=S dun wanna go back to school.
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