angel on air (rulerxrulex) wrote,
angel on air

and i'm finally there in you heart.

have been kinda busy lately.. lots of training and preperation for PI and stuffs. hmm, anyway i've gtg for training later.

i forgot all about the band concert. i thought it was in august or something. haha. we were talking about it during lunch yesterday and aubrey was asking what we'll be doing before the concert which falls on thursday.

i kinda arranged to go for dinner with my friend but guess i'll have to go for lunch instead. oh wellx.haha. have to thank aubrey for reminding me about it or i'll have to waste a ticket.

something went into my foot yesterday. kinda hurt. my maid had to use the needle to dig it out. =S guess it got in there cos i was walking bare footed on the sand yesterday instead of wearing booties. gonna have a bbq at my house with my cousins this sat. gtg, my dad wanted me to go book the pit today before going for training. guess i gtg already.
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