angel on air (rulerxrulex) wrote,
angel on air

hearts will break

went shopping with adele today. aubrey came later. =)

set off at around 11am. we went around bugis to look at stuffs. saw nice denim skirts. =)
had only a meal today. that was lunch, but it was a real heavy meal. had lunch at seoul garden. we were in there for about two hours or so. haha.

we went to orchard after that, continued our shopping. haha. adele bought quite a lot of stuffs. i only bought a shirt from ice lemon tee. there were lotsa sales around orchard.

oh yah. we popped by john little. haha it was kinda cool. cos we went round trying clothes and stuffs. haahaa. saw this 3/4 sleeve shirt. it was really nice. but they only had the L size and the size was kinda big for me.

bought new specs. havent checked my eye-sight for about one and a half years. haha. the degrees were about the same, they didnt really change much. but i changed the frames. it was a silver framed one, will be collecting it tomorrow. =)

im addicted to the song 'anyone of us' by gareth gates. super nice. =)
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