angel on air (rulerxrulex) wrote,
angel on air

dun wanna close my eyes

just had my dinner. went to school for mep camp. it was borring. -_- have to thank sars, if its not for sars it wld be for 5 days (duration of last years camp). barely survived today. was just talking to sheena, jasmine etc. and day dreaming. haha. =)

it was some combined schools camp which comprises of tkgs, mgs, sngs, dhs, acsi. saw a number of my primary school frens and frens. saw nicholas seow, joanna foo, shawn (i think), benjamin etc.

saw our new mep teachers. hmm. hafta go back to school tmrw. =( have PI rehearsals. i dun think anythings been planned yet. havent really touched my homework yet except for a math and e math corrections. no mood to do any. haha anyway gtg. gonna catch a tv show.
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