angel on air (rulerxrulex) wrote,
angel on air

blushing is healthy

hmm, chem ca was ok i guess. hope i can do well. thought i think i made a few mistakes here and there. arg. some mistakes are rather unforgivable. haix..

im kinda free today. guess will just slack at home. oh yah. just came back from training. ok, got lotsa scoldings today. he was like CHARIS!! then after a while CHARIS! again. -_- cos i got a really bad boat. it was like leaking like crazy.*getting irritated*

there's mep tomorrow. =S dont feel like going but guess i dun have a choice. my hand is kinda aching now, the wind was strong today and the current and waves were like so strong. waves were quite high today. hmm.. i'm bored. there's like nothing really nice to watch today. guess i'll just watch nickelodeon or espn.

*yuck* my brother changed the ringing tone for my home phone. its kinda gross.
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