angel on air (rulerxrulex) wrote,
angel on air

one more time, from the top

its 10.33.. hmm. im like so addicted to the song 'i've never been to me' by charlene and ' when will i see you again?' by the three degrees. they're like super oldies. haha. actually i havent heard of them before until i heard both of these songs on tv. they were advertising for some cd album.

ok, mep was horrid. shant talk bout it. yea. hmm. was just slacking the whole day today. was watching tv.feeling kinda tired now though. eye lids are kinda heavy. haha. its like i didnt do anything vigorous today and im tired. haha. so toing.

oh yah, i made another new userpic. haha. re did all 3 user pics. haha cos i was kinda bored today. =P
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