angel on air (rulerxrulex) wrote,
angel on air

first tear.

hmm, just came back from training. its was okie. =) guess today was kind of a pissy day. haha was feeling kinda pissed. dunno for wad reason. haahaa but guess im all ok. jumping and smiling. haha

ok math was not exactly good. haha. think i kinda screwed it up. hmm, hope i'll do well though.though i think its likely i'll do well..

nearly died of embarrassement just now after training, jasmine lala zhaoey rachelle were laughing their head off. and joanne n edna were trying to guess wad i wrote. haha its was kkinda funny. cos me myself dun even noe what i wrote. haha. it was quite long ago. anyway. the thing i wrote. it goes something like if u know it, you'ill kinda figure out what was written. but if you dunno, it'll be hard to guess. haha.

hope i dun screw my physics and chem up. though i've a feeling i screwed them up too. ok better revise for emath. cant afford to screw it.
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